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Paragraph 1
Advertising messages for alcoholic beverages may not be displayed on an individual sportsman or sports team.

Paragraph 2
Advertising messages for alcoholic beverages may not be displayed on vehicles and/or attributes that are used by the sportsman or sports team in their active practice of sports.

Paragraph 3
Individuals who actively perform sports at the highest senior international level (European or World Championships and Olympic Games) are not allowed to be hired by or on behalf of the advertiser for radio, cinema and television commercials and printed advertising messages that use staged situations with scripts. It is not allowed to portray such individuals on packages and labels either.

Paragraph 4
Advertising messages for alcoholic beverages may not portray the active practice of sports on packaging of alcoholic beverages.

Paragraph 5
It is permitted to portray active sports practice in advertising messages, but exclusively to portray the context of celebrating the performance afterwards.

Guidelines to Article 30 – Sports
Sportsmen are not allowed to drink alcoholic beverages during active sports. What is allowed, however, is to enjoy alcoholic beverages in a responsible manner after sports or during watching sports. In the Advertising Code for Alcoholic Beverages this distinction between active sports and passive sports perception is a guideline for this Article. Boarding along sports fields where adult players are the main players is allowed, because this is aimed at the spectators and not at the players. So keep away from active sports perception and attributes that are used during sports. Also be reserved in only showing images of active sports performance; after all this leaves little room for adding the context of celebration.

Drinking after sports is permitted
What is permitted is the television commercial of Jupiler in which four men are active in the Mountains in an adventurous way and conclude this by a recreational game of soccer. After this they drink a beer together. The RCC was of the opinion that these people did not drink any alcohol before or during sports and that this advertising message was therefore not in conflict with the Advertising Code for Alcoholic Beverages (RvA).

Also after a game, sportsmen are not allowed to wear any clothes with brand names on it
The RCC judged that the bathrobes with the Amstel logo on it, worn by players of FC Twente, were in conflict with the RvA. Despite the fact that the bathrobes were no part of the outfit in which the players played their game. The players could still be regarded as a a sports team during the wearing of these bathrobes.