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Definitions (EN)

In this Code, the following definitions apply:

Active internet marketing: advertising messages which are distributed or made possible by the advertiser, completely or partly for his own benefit, on and/or through the internet.

By active internet marketing we mean, among other things:

  • The active sending of advertising messages by the advertiser through the internet, to selected receivers
  • Advertising messages on or through an internet platform, among which a social media platform, by the advertiser, as well as advertising messages by a third party, completely or partly for the benefit of the advertiser, as far as this concerns an internet platform where the advertiser can to some extent determine or influence the showing or the content of the message.

Advertising for alcoholic beverages: any public and/or systematic, direct or indirect recommendation of alcoholic beverages and of non-alcoholic beverages as far as these are recommended for consumption together with alcoholic beverages by an advertiser or entirely or partly on behalf of this advertiser, whether or not by means of any third parties. By advertising we also mean services;

Alcoholic beverage: a beverage that contains more than a half (0.5) percent of alcohol by volume (abv) at a temperature of twenty degrees Celsius;

Broadcasting station for youngsters: a broadcasting station of which more than 25% of the total viewing and listening audience is minors. The determination of the percentage of minors in the watching and listening audience is based on the weighted average of the viewing and listening figures, as compared to the entire programme selection of a certain broadcasting station. The percentage shall be measured by a generally accepted viewing and listening survey. Each year the industry determines, on the basis of research by an independent agency, which broadcasting networks are to be designated as broadcasting stations for youngsters;

Catering industry promotions: promotions in pubs and clubs or at events or parties, where a promotion team (whether or not dressed in the look & feel of the brand) by order of a producer or importer, enables the present public to get to know one of the producer’s or importer’s brand products

Fair: an occasion where alcoholic beverages are brought under the attention of, predominantly, professional suppliers, by a member of the industry in a Business-to-Business (B2B) setting.

Media sponsoring: providing financial or any other contributions on behalf of the realization or purchase of the supply of media, in order to improve or enable the distribution of it to the general public or part of it, not being advertisements

Merchandising: articles provided with the brand name and/or the logo of an alcoholic beverage that a consumer can obtain against payment through the retail channel or member of the industry;

Minors: persons under the age of 18 years;

Premium: a gift article bearing the brand name and/or the logo of an alcoholic beverage that the consumer receives with the purchase of alcoholic beverage in the retail or catering channel or which he receives as part of a catering promotion;

Printed advertising messages: advertisements in newspapers, magazines, on posters and flyers including billboards, swanks, bus shelters and illuminated street advertising columns in which an alcoholic beverage, brand or producer is the central point of attention;

Product placement: including or referring to a product, service or logo/brand as part of a programme, or a part of the media selection which is similar to a programme, against payment or a similar reimbursement;

Promotional advertising message: an advertising message for an alcoholic beverage in which the recommendation predominantly concerns the conditions with regard to the distribution to the consumer, such as price, length of the promotional period etc.;

Sponsoring: financial support by a member of the industry;

Sampling: the occasion where, on the initiative of a member of the industry, in accordance with the conditions drawn up for this purpose such as described in the explanation of Article 27, an alcoholic beverage is offered to the consumer for free for consumption on the spot at a fair, during a catering or event promotion or at another location that complies with the applicable legal requirements.

Thematic advertising message: an advertising message which is not a promotional advertising message for an alcoholic beverage in which the recommendation predominantly takes shape by means of the presentation of product characteristics, image, atmosphere and desired consumption environment;

Under-the-cap action: an action organised by the advertiser where consumers come into possession of win codes or similar codes by opening a non-reclosable packaging (bottles with crown caps, cans), by which they can take part in winning prices.