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Alcoholic nature

Paragraph 1

Advertising messages for alcoholic beverages may not arouse any confusion concerning the alcoholic nature and the alcohol percentage of the alcoholic beverage.

Paragraph 2

Advertising messages for an alcoholic beverage, including the brand name, generic name and the packaging, may not arouse the impression that the beverage in question is a soft drink, lemonade or other type of non-alcoholic beverage.

Guidelines to Article 3 – Alcoholic nature

When drinks such as fruit juices have been combined with alcoholic beverages, then it should be made sufficiently clear that the drink is an alcoholic beverage. Do not use any words such as ‘fruit drink’, ‘fruit juice’, or ‘soft drink’, so the impression cannot arise that the beverage in question is a non-alcoholic drink.

2Fruity really is too fruity

In advertising messages of 2Fruity the fact that the drink also contained fruit juice was emphatically stressed. For example, in different messages they said among other: “2fruity, full of juicy details”, “2fruity is a fresh and fruity drink’. Despite the fact that “Alcoholic fruit drink” was mentioned on the bottle, the RCC believed that it was not sufficiently clear that it concerned an alcoholic beverage here.