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Exhibitions and Guided tours

Visiting an exhibition or taking a guided tour in a brewery, distillery or winegrowing company is not permitted to persons under the age of 18, except if:

  • they are accompanied by an adult during the visit;
  • the exhibition or guided tour is predominantly aimed at the production process and/or workmanship and/or the connectedness with a city or region and focuses less on the recommendation of a certain brand of alcoholic beverage;
  • the on-the-spot consumption of alcoholic beverages should always take place in a space which is physically separated from the exhibition space or from spaces that are part of the guided tour, with the exception of tasting intermediary and/or end products of the brewing/distillation/fermentation process in small quantities and by way of explanation. All applicable laws and regulations, among which in particular those with regard to the age limits for providing alcoholic beverages, shall be complied with.