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Paragraph 1
Websites that function as a platform where advertising is used predominantly and for which the brand name or trade name of the alcoholic beverage is part of the domain name, shall ask their visitors at their homepage or preceding to the first page of the website that is visited, by means of an age check, whether they have reached the age of 18 years. The age check should at least consist of the year of birth of the visitor. If the entered year of birth does not provide a definitive answer as to whether the person who entered it is 17 or 18 years old, the day and month of birth must also be entered.

It is also permitted to perform age verification by making visitors log in through a social media account or other digital platform. The condition is that these platforms must use an adequate form of registration of the date of birth.

Paragraph 2
For websites that function as a sales platform where alcoholic beverages are sold predominantly, a statement must be included at a location on the website to be determined by the advertiser, that the content of the website is not intended for young people, younger than 18, or other words to this effect. This statement must be placed in a logical/relevant location on the website and must be clearly readable.

Paragraph 3
The above-mentioned rules do not apply to websites that function as a sales platform for a wide range of food products and that also sell alcoholic beverages.

Explanation of article 24

The statement may be in the form of a text or in the form of a pictogram that conveys the message clearly enough. It is also permitted to create the statement in the form of a pop-up or (temporary) banner. In that case, this pop-up or banner must be visible for at least 5 seconds. When assessing complaints about whether or not it is stated that the content is not intended for young people, that is younger than 18 years old, the efforts that the advertiser makes (or has made) to tailor its business operations to the scope of this notification will be taken into account.