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Advertising messages for alcoholic beverages shall not be aimed specifically at minors. More specifically the messages as described in the explanation of Article 10 are not permitted.

Explanation of Article 10

Forbidden advertising messages within the scope of Article 10 of the Advertising Code for Alcoholic Beverages (RvA) are particularly (this list is not exhaustive):

– messages in which teenage idols are used;

– messages/promotions in which promotional items are used (such as little dolls, cuddly toys, toy cars, games, stickers, buttons, soccer cards, beach toys or school-related articles) as far as these are specifically aimed at minors;

– music that can be downloaded for free, specifically aimed at teenagers;

– messages in which music is used that is specifically aimed at teenagers;

– messages in which the specific language of young people is used;

– messages that make use of situations that refer to teenage behaviour: puberty, adolescent infatuation, school parties, examinations;

– messages in which Sinterklaas or Santa Claus as far as these are specifically aimed at minors;

– messages that make use of any style that at that moment is fashionable amongst minors.

Guidelines to Article 10

For years alcohol abuse among young people has been a widely discussed theme. That is why this Article is one of the most important articles from the Advertising Code for Alcoholic beverages. Of course the alcohol industry should hold aloof from wanting to reach minors. The industry itself uses the age limit of 18 years to define people as minors. But we go further here than the law. The industry should make clear that our products are not intended for people who are too young. That is why we have chosen to note down very clearly which forms of marketing are specifically aimed at young people. So therefore keep wide away from this kind of advertising messages. A clear example is referring to for example school parties or hinting at the examination period. These are clear examples of events that specifically apply to people who are too young.

Stickers for children are not permitted
The RCC is of the opinion that the buttons and stickers of Flügel are premiums that are specifically aimed at minors.

Stickers to be used on a cap are permitted
The RCC is of the opinion that these stickers are no premium that is ‘specifically aimed at minors’. After all, the stickers concerned are in itself not aimed at young people and only serve as embellishment of the premium.

Sinterklaas as family celebration is allowed, but not as children’s celebration
An advertising brochure shows images of Sinterklaas and Zwarte Piet (Black Peter). According to the RCC, Sinterklaas is a family celebration and the celebration is not only reserved to children. Sinterklaas and Zwarte Piet cannot be regarded as teenage idols.

By way of comparison: Involvement in a promotional campaign in which one can save for tickets for a Sinterklaas party by purchasing alcoholic beverages is not allowed, because a Sinterklaas party is indeed specifically aimed at minors