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Professional performance

Advertising messages for alcoholic beverages may not suggest that the consumption of alcoholic beverages enhances professional performance.

Explanation of Article 7

It is not allowed to show people drinking alcoholic beverages in the workplace or if there is a direct link with the workplace. If the setting has to be that of a work environment, it should be clear that it is the end of the working day. However, an indirect link is allowed, for example if one drinks an alcoholic beverage at the end of the working day in another room of the work environment – in a canteen or recreation space.

Guidelines to Article 7 – Professional performance

Alcohol and work is not a good combination.

Bavaria’s Klokklok Commercial

In this commercial we see an interpreter at the end of his job opening a beer in another room. He is still carrying his microphone, but there is no physical contact anymore with the people who are still at work. So this is all just allowed.