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Tasting in a liquor store

Paragraph 1

The tasting of alcoholic beverages in a liquor store is permitted in accordance with Article 25e of the Alcohol Act. In addition to the legal conditions, the conditions mentioned below in paragraphs 2 and 3 are applicable.

Paragraph 2

Promotional teams are explicitly not permitted to have consumers taste alcoholic beverages in a liquor store.

Paragraph 3

Promotional teams, if desired dressed in the look & feel of the alcohol brand, may – if the relevant liquor store grants permission for this – be present in a liquor store to provide product information and to bring the tasting under the attention. These promotions shall be carried out by persons of 18 years or older.

Guidelines to Article 26

Tasting in a liquor store is permitted and promotional teams possibly have a role in this. It is important to at least know that the Alcohol Licensing and Catering Act says that the tasting should take place on request of the customer, that only employees of the liquor store are allowed to pour something for the customer and, of course, that the minimum age of the people who want to taste something should be 18 years.