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Paragraph 1

Advertising messages for alcoholic beverages may not establish a connection between the consumption of alcoholic beverages and active participation in traffic using a vehicle of any kind.

Paragraph 2

If a recommendation of alcoholic beverages is shown on a vehicle, then the vehicle shall also bear a clearly legible warning against active participation in traffic after the use of alcohol. Exceptions are vehicles used for the transportation of alcoholic beverages, such as trucks, vehicles for technical services of the hospitality and catering industry.

Guidelines to Article 17 – Traffic

Alcohol and traffic are not a good combination in advertising messages for alcoholic beverages either. Here it is important that drinking alcoholic beverages or the suggestion that this occurs, is not associated with active participation in traffic. This refers to all means of transport, including bicycles, boats and hot air balloons. When a person is shown who is driving a vehicle before he/she goes to a bar or arrives at a party, it is essential to show that this person will not be driving again, for example by showing that the keys are being handed to a non-drinker.